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Ballerina "Passé" with Ruby Pendant

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Inspired by a decade of dance across multiple disciplines Elle's Tiny Dancer ballerina  pendants are the perfect gift for your little dancer's first recital, holiday show, a birthday, or even her final performance as she moves on from her dance company and into the big lights.

  • Elle's Tiny Dancer pendants are unique custom designs
  • Each piece is hand made in the USA.
  • Pendants are available in two metals Sterling Silver and 14K gold.
  • Ballerina Pendants and measure 26mm or 1 inch in length.  

This design is available in multiple positions in the Tiny Dancer Collection. 

Passé is a classical ballet term meaning “passed.”  It refers to the movement when a dancer goes through a retiré position, which is when one leg is bent so it looks like a triangle with the foot placed near the other leg’s knee.

In class, passé may be used instead of retiré to describe the position of a leg.  For example, a teacher may say “Higher passés in your pirouettes ladies!”  Both terms are accepted and understood to basically mean the same thing.