Jewelry Care


                                   Care Tips and Best Practices

Clean Regularly (Dish Soap,Water, Sponge)

Regularly Inspect Your Jewelry 

Immediately Rinse After Wearing In Chlorine Or Saltwater

Always Clean Your Jewelry Before Polishing

Use Your Supplied Jewelry Cleaning Cloth Liberally 

In the absence of a flannel cleansing cloth, use a Makeup Removal Pads, Cotton Balls or Swabs

Store In Airtight Plastic Bag (Ziplock)

                                    Things you shouldn't do: 

Store Without First Cleaning 

Sleep in your jewelry 

Use Chemical Dips 

Use Abrasive Brushes, Tooth Brushes, Or Paper Towels

Use Household products like Toothpaste, or Anything With Baking Soda 

Assume Your Jewelry Is Indestructible 


Preventative Maintenance and Routine Care Will Slow The Oxidation Process And Prohibit Tarnishing Before It Happens, This Guarantees To Leaves You More Time To Enjoy Your Investment And Less Time Caring For It.