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Ballerina "Attitude" with Ruby Pendant

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Inspired by a decade of dance across multiple disciplines Elle's Tiny Dancer ballerina  pendants are the perfect gift for your little dancer's first recital, holiday show, a birthday, or even her final performance as she moves on from her dance company and into the big lights.

  • Elle's Tiny Dancer pendants are unique custom designs
  • Each piece is hand made in the USA.
  • Pendants are available in two metals Sterling Silver and 14K gold.
  • Ballerina Pendants and measure 26mm or 1 inch in length.  

This design is available in multiple positions in the Tiny Dancer Collection. 

An "Attitude" in classical ballet is a position where the dancer is standing on one leg with the other lifted, usually to the front (devant) or back (derrière).  The leg in the air is bent at the knee so that it forms roughly a 145 degree angle.